About us

Hello coders,

Welcome to pho-tech, Place to grow your programming knowledge.

At an initial time of my web programming just after pass out from engineering college, I was always curious to learn new trends in programming fields.

Seeing the functionality of another website. I freak out to know how it’s working.

So that I can implement it in my own projects. I go throw N number of tutorials but could not find the exact one.

So I plan to start a platform where coders keep them self-updated with new trends and they can learn right method to implement it.

Pho-tech started in the year 2017 with an aim to create a platform for the coders where they can boost their programming skills and keep their skill updated with new coding trends.

Our team work on different technologies and find the way to improve them and we just share this technique with our readers that may help them.

Through our blog, you will learn new trends in programming fields, including where and how to use.