Recently our PHP experts are in the survey. They approached many PHP developers to know what is their approach to developing the PHP based application.

php application development
They found many developers are using full stack frameworks such as Laravel 5, CakePHP, Symfony 2, or other.

These Framework already come with a set of guidelines and patterns for PHP application development.

But to get specialized in PHP application development it is essential to have a mind set on how PHP development should be done and what tools should be used.

Following right guideline for PHP development give you the freedom to develop PHP application using any platform.

There are different use case and different approaches for PHP application development.

Gathering knowledge from PHP experts, we created a simple guideline for php application development. Learning which you can quickly create efficient and smooth PHP application


The most important part of your application.

Your code style defines your coding standards. If code writing style is better comprehensible, Then you can easily add new members to your team. He/She will not have any issue in understanding code which is written in a better manner.

Code maintenance can easily take up the majority of a project’s time (thus money) and well formatted and documented code is the primary factor in reducing those efforts.


It always the best approach to test your code before deployment. Testing your code not only enforces modular design, but the tested software can also be far easier refactored.


Always handle the dependencies using Composer. Coupled your code with specific package and libraries, the dependency declaration should also be in the version control.

Proper Configuration

Proper Modulation of your application gives smoothness to your application. If you miss proper modulation of your application, it can cause a security risk. The best choice, in this case, will be, to use optimal operating system environment.


Assets are best suggested to keep under version control. The goods data counts the compilation of CSS and JavaScript, images, and other files. A good and organized management of the assets adds up to a secure infrastructure and maintenance at the time of deployment and also post implementation.


All the services that are used by the application are called resource. The best approach to manage them is to keep them abstracted. Scalability factor should also be kept in mind when abstraction is concerned.

Scalability Factor

Scalability is another factor a developer should keep in mind. A project or a web application is always kept open for scalability as this can never be avoided.


To be the perfect PHP application developer adapt point mentioned above while developing code for the application. Feel free to share your thought on the give below comment box.

Watch this video to deeply understand PHP Application Development Guideline.

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