High-Performance Java Persistence Tips

High-Performance Java Persistence Tips

A high-performance data access layer requires a lot of knowledge about database internals, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, So, at Alliance International IT after asking a expert we made some of the most important techniques you can use to optimize your enterprise application.

1. SQL statement logging


Java tips

If you’re using a SQL framework then, While using it you must validate each line of code effectiveness and efficiency. A testing-time assertion mechanism is even better because you can catch N+1 query problems even before you commit your code.

2. Connection management


Connection management

Using a database connection is expensive, So i suggest you to go with pooling mechanism.

Because the number of connections is given by the capabilities of the underlying database cluster, you need to release connections as fast as possible.

FlexyPool tools help you find the right size even after the deployed of the application into production.

3. JDBC batching

Java Persistence TipsDBC batching give us a privilege to send multiple SQL statement in a single round trip. The performance gain is significant both on the Driver and the database side. Prepared Statements are always good for batching, and also the some database software (e.g. Oracle) only prepared batching statements only.

JDBC API for batching is define as (e.g. PreparedStatement.addBatch and PreparedStatement.executeBatch), if you are trying to generate statement manually , then you must have knowledge from the start whether you should be using batching or not. With Hibernate, you can switch to batching with a single configuration.

Hibernate 5.2 offers Session-level batching, so it’s even more flexible in this regard.

4. Explanation storing

Explanation storing

Explanation storing is one of the slightest known performance optimization that you can undoubtedly exploit. Contingent upon the hidden JDBC Driver, allows you to store Prepared Statements on the customer side (the Driver) and admin side both (either the grammar tree or even the execution design).

5. Hibernate identifiers

hibernate identifier

When utilizing Hibernate, the IDENTITY generator isn’t a decent decision since it handicaps JDBC batching.

TABLE generator is far and away more terrible since it utilizes a different exchange for getting another identifier, which can put weight on the basic exchange log, and also the connection pool since a different connection is required each time we require another identifier.

6. Picking the correct segment composes

Picking the correct segment composes

You ought to dependably utilize the correct section writes on the database side. The more conservative the section compose is, the more passages can be obliged in the database working set, and files will better fit into memory. For this reason, you should exploit database-particular writes (e.g. inet for IPv4 addresses in PostgreSQL), particularly since Hibernate is extremely adaptable with regards to executing another custom Type.

Top Java Blogs For All Level Programmers

Java blogs for all level programmers


Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea - Java Blog


Vlad Mihalcea is a world-class Java expert and a very regarded tutor of the specialty. Going back to 2014, Vlad has been a dedicated blogger and educator, and right now comes to around 75k guests per month.

Most as of late, Vlad has been investigating Hibernate and distinguishing new tips, traps, and best practices. With a wide assortment of articles, there is data accessible for engineers of any level.





Adam Bien

Adam Bien - Java Blog

Adam Bien is conceivably the most informative man on the planet with regards to Java, and fortunately for every one of us, he gets a kick out of the chance to discuss it.

Adam has been working with Java since JDK 1.0 out of 1995. From that point forward, Adam has composed 1669 (and tallying) blog articles with actually a huge number of day by day readers.

Adam talks about JavaFX, Java EE (and then some) these days, and has a few books accessible too. Adam likewise reliably puts on web occasions and workshops, which are all fantastically intelligent and user-friendly.


On the off chance that you are searching for particular Java how-to’s and well ordered Java guides, Javarevisited is precisely what you need.

Keep running by a man named Javin Paul with 7 years industry encounter, Javarevisited is a blog concentrating on Java programming dialect, FIX convention and Tibco RV. Javarevisited is a phenomenal resource for the two beginners and experienced software engineers.


Baeldung - Java Blog

Baeldung is an awesome source for anybody inspired by the latest programming news, updates and guidance.

Baeldung centers particularly around Java, Persistence, REST API’s, Jackson and HttpClient data, giving learning courses, how-to guides, and articles from numerous authors.

One of the greatest advantages to Baeldung is the high volume of value data being posted. Frequently various articles are posted each day.

Important Tips For Every Unity Game Developer

Unity Game Developement

I’ve assembled a list of great tips that each Unity developer should know and utilize.

Unity Error Searching

unity error searching

On the off chance that you are searching for the importance or answer for an error message you received in Unity, you can without much of a stretch discover documentation about the particular error with a site seek.

Utilizing Google, type “site:unity3d.com” trailed by your error message. This looks for that error all through the greater part of Unity’s site and assets, including their structures, instructional exercises, API documentation and information base at the same time.

Garbage Collection

garbage value collection

In the event that you ever end up with the problem of a predictable stutter in your frame rate, which is particularly discernible on a versatile form, the guilty party is typically identified with garbage collection (GC).

GC endeavors to recover memory involved by objects that are never again being used by the amusement.


For those with Unity Pro, the profiler is a precious apparatus that enables you to recognize memory leaks and garbage collection issues before your players do. You can run the profiler remotely with Android, iOS and web programs which will test your amusement on the real stage rather the editorial manager

Interfacing Behavior


As you turn out to be more experienced and alright with Unity and outline standards, you in the long run arrive at an imperative determination: The more generic a content is, the more it can be reused, making less duplicate code.

What’s more, the less duplicate code and upkeep there is, the speedier one can reveal another diversion. This is a great thing!

Test-driven development

test driven development

Like a rocketship, test-driven development (TDD) for an individual or group that hasn’t used it before is hard to get off the ground. But once you do, it’s smooth sailing and the benefits begin to shown.

5 Programming Language to be the Focus in 2018

Programming- language to focus in 2018

As a developer, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest technology.

There is more than 600 unique programming languages.

And it is not possible to learn all.

Due to which deciding on the best programming language for your project may be difficult, and can be the hardest part of the initial development phase.

But don’t worry we are here to help you.

We come with the top 5 programming language to be the focus in 2018, decide the best programming language to use for your project is to evaluate your project needs.



Earlier for iOS and Mac application are developed using Objective-C is but after introducing of Swift language. It becomes more popular than Objective-C. Developing native iOS or Mac OS apps, using swift programming language make the application more potential for reshaping the future.

Now developing games using swift become easier and it is heavily influenced by Ruby and Python and is considered user-friendly and fun to use.


It is an object-oriented programming language introduced in 1993 by Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto. It is more in demand than python and measure as one of the fastest growing languages. This language is easy to learn and you can easily create an app in it under 10 minutes.

Ruby operates as a dynamic, object orientated, because it reads like English, it makes the code easy to read.



This language is introduced in 2016 According to the survey, 79.1% of developers love to code using Rust. This language is introduced by Mozilla Foundation. This language is suited for performance critical code.

What’s most interesting about it is that it emphasizes safe code (i.e. the objects are managed by the programming language from beginning to the end).


java script

According to  Stack Overflow Developer Survey around 64,000 developers in 173 countries using javascript language for application creation. It is the most used programming language by developers. Using javascript you can build an attractive website, tools alongside HTML and CSS. And most of the browsers in some way implement JavaScript.


This language is developed by Microsoft. In a short period of time this language gain popularity. TypeScript is a productive programming language that is based on javascript. If you are beginners you must focus on this language.


Picking the right program for your project is important. We listed some of the most trending languages which are going to be more demanding in 2018. Choose the best for your business.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the given below comment box.

6 Main pillars for PHP Application Development

php application development

Recently our PHP experts are in the survey. They approached many PHP developers to know what is their approach to developing the PHP based application.

php application development
They found many developers are using full stack frameworks such as Laravel 5, CakePHP, Symfony 2, or other.

These Framework already come with a set of guidelines and patterns for PHP application development.

But to get specialized in PHP application development it is essential to have a mind set on how PHP development should be done and what tools should be used.

Following right guideline for PHP development give you the freedom to develop PHP application using any platform.

There are different use case and different approaches for PHP application development.

Gathering knowledge from PHP experts, we created a simple guideline for php application development. Learning which you can quickly create efficient and smooth PHP application


The most important part of your application.

Your code style defines your coding standards. If code writing style is better comprehensible, Then you can easily add new members to your team. He/She will not have any issue in understanding code which is written in a better manner.

Code maintenance can easily take up the majority of a project’s time (thus money) and well formatted and documented code is the primary factor in reducing those efforts.


It always the best approach to test your code before deployment. Testing your code not only enforces modular design, but the tested software can also be far easier refactored.


Always handle the dependencies using Composer. Coupled your code with specific package and libraries, the dependency declaration should also be in the version control.

Proper Configuration

Proper Modulation of your application gives smoothness to your application. If you miss proper modulation of your application, it can cause a security risk. The best choice, in this case, will be, to use optimal operating system environment.


Assets are best suggested to keep under version control. The goods data counts the compilation of CSS and JavaScript, images, and other files. A good and organized management of the assets adds up to a secure infrastructure and maintenance at the time of deployment and also post implementation.


All the services that are used by the application are called resource. The best approach to manage them is to keep them abstracted. Scalability factor should also be kept in mind when abstraction is concerned.

Scalability Factor

Scalability is another factor a developer should keep in mind. A project or a web application is always kept open for scalability as this can never be avoided.


To be the perfect PHP application developer adapt point mentioned above while developing code for the application. Feel free to share your thought on the give below comment box.

Watch this video to deeply understand PHP Application Development Guideline.